Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just when you thought!


Its been a year now... since i have started what grown ups like to call... being responsible, being self dependent, being boring, being stuck, being this, being that.... in general being a grown up. ive been so busy being all of that and so much more that ive actually stopped being me. I mean if someone (that includes me) scrolls down this page and checks my previous posts, my gosh how have i changed.

I mean at first blogging, was more about me venting out my frustrations, joy and basically my views about what was going around. Shit under the sky, Things i hate to see on the TV. Come on that was such a free, open minded me. It sucks, im not an advocate of change, yeah i like it in subtle surprising ways, but i hate gradual change that suddenly strikes you across the face one day when you look in the mirror and say who the fuck is that!!...

I was reading a book by Malcolm Gladwell the other day called the Tipping Point , (yes, i was so mindfucked and cramped up at work, that i actually took my lunch and sat at a coffee shop to read a few chapters), and it spoke about change.

He explained the main characteristics of change in very simple terms.


1. Change almost always orignates from the smallest of things,

2. Change is universal and has epidemic charactaristics,

3. Change always happens drastically and overnight.

The way he put the 3 points, and the way he explained them really got me thinking. The guy talked sense and he made a + b + c = something sensible.

Anyways if someone who may be interested in reading this guy up, you should google him or his book.

So i began wondering, how do i apply this theory on myself and it started to make even more sense as i did.

I noticed all the small changes that had started to take place since i had started working, I noticed i spent most of my day infront of artificial light, either it be light generating from my computer at work, light coming off my tube or light from this machine on my lap this very moment. And it made me realize that sitting at one place, i had lost touch with myself by missing my small little walks outside of home, sometimes for a smoke, sometimes to buy something from the local grocery or sometimes just for the heck of it. And that really affected me making me reclusive and boring, I don't go out often alone now, I know it sounds to wierd, but i loved my own time, by myself, sometimes sitting on the bench on the beach and listening to music, puffing away/ or otherwise. I had got involved so much into socializing and working and doing so much stuff that i had actually started to ignore this little corner. Where id ponder over my stuff.

I started emulating my co-workers on how they spoke, people whom if id have met a few years back i wouldve thought, get a life. But I started seeing good in them, i actually visualized me being one of them. If you had ever asked me a question That am i Robot or an Alien? Id have said Alien even if it was at 4 in morning out of a cough syrup laced sleep, but now i started doubting myself over my Alienness, "am i alien enough anymore" and the more dubious i got the more Robots i saw around, like at a point were everyone around me seemed like a Robot. That is where i thought that change spreads like wildfire, and that change is universal and has epidemic proportions.

And to tell you the truth, I noticed this while writing this post. As I set out to write this post, I did not have anything on mind, that's what i usually do, write with an empty mind and let the mind write, that way i end up surprising myself, and this time is no different. My post made me realize that indeed, I have changed. And that would be the final part of the 3rd characteristic, Change is drastic, it happens overnight.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Happy Ending

Let's not fool ourselves, lets not pretend,
Every begining has an end.

Wake up in the morning,
stumble on my life.
Can't you give me love,
without sacrifice.

2 o'clock in the morning,
can't get no rest.
If I pretend nothing ever went wrong,
I can get back to my dreams, and carry on.

This is the saddest story,
I think I've ever told,
No hope, no love, no glory,
Can I see unfold.

I can see it written on the wall,
After summer there is always a fall.
But the light at the end of the tunnel
says it all.

Lets not fool ourselves, lets stop pretending,
I see love, I see Hope and glory,
I see a Happy Ending.

To truely find your way, you have to get 'Lost' at first.

Lost!... I've been associated with this word for such a long time now, I can't even remember when was the last time I wasn't 'Lost'. As though not being sure of what i want, what i should want and whats best for me has become a part of my personality.

But then, why can't being lost be good? I always feel to not know what you want for real is the best way to actually 'know' what you want! In the sense that only when you know what you don't need, will you ever realize what you yearn for in reality.

Like for example Columbus set off to look for India, got lost, but then found America, the greatest civilization of our time (not that I'am Pro-american just stating the fact).

Of all the places I have ever been,
Of all the stories that have made me believe.
Ive learnt my lessons, Ive found my ways,
finding light in the dark, and chancing on shimmer during my days.

Know the drought if you want to quench your thirst,
To truely find your way, you have to get 'lost' at first.

To be around, to find my place,
To reach the moon, the stars and outer space.

I've known to believe that in order cast a spell
you have to break the curse,
and to truely find your way,
you have to get 'lost' at first.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

watching a dream, hitting reality

Chasing rabbits around the hedges,
i hear whispers beneath my footsteps.
Watching a dream, before hitting reality,

Running in circles, as gravity pulls me,
beckoning your call i feel it within me,
urges are like chocolate, dark and tasty,
watching a dream, then hitting reality.

In Random faces and In random people,
all i see, is your signal,
a disk in the sky and a picture on the wall,
ray of light that cant be seen at all

candyfloss, heart shaped baloons,
watching a dream and hitting reality.

Don't speak of me,
don't mention my name,
because after all iam invain,
a fragment of imagination a wonder of the brain,
a mirage in the desert and colors in rain,

watching a dream, hitting reality

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things that I hate to See.....on the T.V.

Yesterday as I was just shuffling through channels trying to find something interesting, something to hook me, I came across on Channel No. 36 of my Television set INDIA TV. And what I saw next was just infuriating.

As I sat there watching, INDIA TV had a message for me, not exactly a message but a video confirming - that God (yes the Almighty himself) had been caught on camera and as they said
"INDIA TV exclusively has the footage of it!"
I waited with bated breath and sat there numb, as the advertisements continued pouring in, increasing the anticipation that lay ahead.

Did INDIA TV have the actual footage of GOD. Was it true??......

At last, after a few excruciating minutes of advertising torment. The bold headlines of 'INDIA TV exclusive' flashed again on the screen (elation) and the presenter neatly dressed in a business suit, speaking in a very serious tone said "i know the truth, please listen to this, this will change your lives" and then the guy in the background acting as the super started in his own preachy yet tense tone. " Dekhiye, yeh kya hai? kya YEH hai Bhagwaan ka chehra? Kya aise dikhte hai Bhagan?" asked the super and there on the screen was a picture of some kind of light, some picture that looked like lightning or something, Some random image that could've looked like anything but it sure did not look like GOD to me!.....

After all the hype that the presenter created, after the super's terrifying voice still ringing in my head, the actual news was absolutely ridiculous. ( i actually dun have words to convey my disappointment)

And there I sat, fuming , feeling stupid that I actually waited to see what they had to show, actually being fooled into watching the silly ads, that came in between the hype and the actual news. And then I did what I should've done a long time ago, I changed the channel.

You must be thinking "okay!...... So whats the big deal in that?''
Yes. It is a big deal. I mean you must've heard junk food is bad for health ( i bet the same channel did a story on junk food) but you know junk "NEWS" is worse.

When I say 'I don't have anything against the news channels or its not their fault", well then i would be lying and I would have a mile long nose. Its all the news channels fault, i mean being a news channels means you are responsible about informing people the truth as it happens, not with stories which have popcorn value, for that you have entertainment channels(and i wont get into that now).

But what else do you do?, when you are a news channel that has to churn out news every minute... Where, to keep the cash registers jinkling you have to provide non stop news and with all the news channels covering the same stuff that is going around. The only way to stand out is to create news out of nothing.

But there is one thing that creating mountains of molehills has done for the so called NEWS channels, it has reaped huge benifits for those channels which have succefully done them, because 'to stand out in a crowd, you either have to be the smartest or you have to be the dumbest'

and these guys are dumb!....

Monday, May 26, 2008

banglore.. a trip to remember

instead of boring u guys wid my views on the world (which will continue to pour out) now ill give u a lil insight abt a recent trip.

Ok first ill start wid how it all materialized..............the thing is dat i had decided that i wud be goin to manali dis vacation..i mean the heat, the liberated soul and the high, suggested that manali would be the best location dis summer. so i had it in my head dis vacation - manali.
but as things always turn out to be (the other way around)the manali plan got a kick in the nuts. n yeah not by me but by my brother n a friend (who had by the way travelled half the world to be here so i had to respect what he wanted) n plus who wants to go to manali when u have freaking crazy ass friends in banglore who just r waiting for u to come down n smoke the living hell out of u!.... (im still a lil dazed after the trip) ;)..............

so it was decided 'banglore!!! boys!!!'. and we set off...n to tell banglore by bus is not a piece of cake, i mean ya it was a volvo n yea the seats were soft and the ac was nice.. but what the fuck man 18 hrs in the bus/???... n on top of it sitting in the last seats with the engine roaring n steaming under our asses...i tell u all, that sort of evened out the ac on top of our head! ill say we were just in a bus! wid no ac n no windows!!!......................but finally we reached banglore.

ok now let me introduce u guys to the charactars!..........
1 theres baba ( my younger bro)
2 theres tahir (half way around the world guy)
3 theres christopher/sunil ( the host - the guy whos house we were crashin in)
4 theres steven ( host no 2)
5 then there is reshmi ( stevens girlfriend)
6 nunnu stevens roomie
7 and finally me!! duh!! i was there too

day 1
we reachd banglore!....i dont actually remember much abt this day coz u knw blaazing n yeah people!!! banglore's got some goooooooood shit!!................. lol!!.........yeah n after the blaazing and the awesome pizza gobbling session and the nonsense laughin session we decided that day 1 would be an all chill day!!.........stay home n chil the fuck out!!1............. n so v chilled!!......

*u knw i love chillin man!..... for me chillin means doin nothin!! just sitting at home watchin tv talkin crap n just...........chillin man!............ i feel like chillin now!!*

ok so day 1 went widout incident, actually u knw da people out there eat crazy food eh!..i mean we had some awesome chicken that nite.....

day 2
'get up fuckers' said chris all ready n fukin sprinkly cleaned bathed n all. fuck dis guy man its just 1130 fucker what the fuk u wakin us up for!!........yeah so da host woke us all up and it was again chai wid blaaze time!!.......* i just got up man!!!!!!!*.........anyways after wakin up we decided tonite was lounge nite!1...........every1 was gonna drink tonite!..
......'so done?..........yes done"!!!
the evening came quick........we all got on to there bikes and

*u know to be honest i hate bikes!....i just feel totally exposed on em!....i hate riding one i hate sitting behind on one especially when u knw that ur driver has a sweet tooth for speed!!........i mean man!!! i get paranoid on the bike!..*

....anyways we went to a pub!!......the place had billiardo and beer so it was awesome. nice music, nice girls in the corners! was pretty awesome!! after that we guys decided tonite food would be at kfc!! on we went to mg road!...
let me describe mg road to u! we walked on the pavement u could feel that slowly u were leaving the dirty pavements littered wid hawkers and entering a place where lights around u from the billboards and the shop boards lite up every nook every corner !......and the place is breathtaking, i mean not like the scenic ones i wudve seen in manali but really dis is an altogether diffrent expirience. the chatter of people walkin around, shopping, eating, clubbing, lounging. i mean thts new india for u!!..........not even an ounce lighter than bangkok or singapore (only that part eh)

ok so after the mg street walk we had our dinner as scheluded at kfc! was a fun nite came back home


sleep !!!

day 3
day 3 was goin to b fun i had a feeling as soon as it started. i mean how many times do u get to punch a guy in ur sleep!!!! :D........
day 3 was clubbing day!........plans had already been made......phonecalls already done...entry settings already cleared!all we had to do was to b there now!!!.......steven thanks for that though......

we reached the club, it was in some mall on some floor wich i dun even knw (i just follow people in new places u knw) nice place, white curtains and white furniture ( i like the color white its just sooooooooo clean) n da music was ur typical club music these days house!! we got ourselves comfortable on the white sofas and just grooved!1...n then tahir our boy from the west decided we were gonna start the party wid shotz!......yeah thats what he pronounced n every one said hail!! it was shotS! after gulpin throat burning cognac we decided to hold a beer n enter the dance floor! first i was abit lost!.....i mean i dun like house yaar!! i like proper music wid proper instruments n proper people playin, u knw im more of a live man!!!......but after a few minutes the shot started settlin on my nerves n by half n hr i was drenched in sweat n dancin off to heaven!!........
after 2 hrs of dancin nonstop i decided it was time to rest for a few moments n just when i was gettin comfortable, i get a tap on my shoulder from reshmi n shez like "wasim chris is hvin a fite stop the guys!"!...........n me being a total kofi annan from UN went to the commotion n tried to stop the scene from getttin ugly......the westerner wanted to smash a bottle on the guys head!! lol now that wouldve been ugly.....christopher had decided to go ballistic he was shoving the guy around but somehow we got them to seperate but just wheen i thought that the matter was resolved n i would be sittin on the couch soon, a fuckin bozo decided to push me!.....i held my anger and just moved off but baba was there and tahir was there so things had to get ugly but not when i was around so v somehow got away from the fite ( thanks to the bouncer too)

10 minutes later the dj decided to call quits n played the last song! after 3 hrs of nonstop loud house music it ws time for some silence n fresh air!! so we got out!...and outside these guys wer still trippin on anger they wanted revenge from the bozo n his mate!...... somehow after alot of patronizing and alot of calm talks i got chris to come wid me on the bike n go home it was 1230 after all....but as luck would have it the traffic at mg street was a mess!! and gettin out would take atleast half n hr!.......

alrite so the scene was i was wid chris on his moped n da guy likes to move fast so somehow we manuevered our way a lil ahead from the rest!......the girls n guys had come by rick so they wer in a rick stuck in traffic when baba n tahir spotted the bozo n his mate!!!!!!

this was wher the scene got ugly!.......baba, tahir n steve got out of the rick n what followed was mayhem rite in the middle of a street cluttered wid countless people in there countless cars!!!! so on that auspicious note the fite began!!!.....baba beatin up one guy tahir n steve pouncing on the other one and the seasaw of a fite continued, wid me n chris totally unaware of it...

so the thing was that baba n tahir tag teamed a fucker dwn but the other seemed to big for our rather bony steven, who was too small for his opposition and startd gettin some pastings he would never have enjoyed!! so steve did wat most people in his situation wouldve done!! he ran!! oh yeah he ran for his life!!!! and behind him ran the monster of a man chasing him like a tiger chasing a small kid deer!!!

so the scene was

steve running closely behind him the monster!! and after seein her love gettin a beating steve's girlfriend reshmi decided to take matters in her own hands (women i tell u!!) and ran after the oaf and seeing all of them run baba decided to give a chase too................. so in the middle of the road cluttered with traffic and honks!! a chase had just begun

steve ---------- monster -------------reshmi----------baba

i was just sittin in the pillion enjoying the fresh air and the brief moment of silence when i jst managed to spot reshmi run by me!!! n im like 'wat the fuck that was reshmi'.......i got dwn n hailed reshmi down!! n thats wen chris n i cam to knw abt the scene!!! steven by then had managed to run quite a distance so we decided to go bak to the spot!! so now wid reshmi baba and chris in tow we went back!! i still din want to fite though!!

when we reached bak, i don knw the gods mustve been happy dat day the fite had ended tahir had managed to beat the shit out of the other punk and steve came back too after sacrificing his jacket in his escape!! he had a bleeding hand though!! now chris was gettin all psyched up he wanted a piece of the fite too after all he was the main reason of the fite!! so he stared gettin hysterical n demanded to know who was the person who beat steve n where was he!! just then an innocent man in a red t shirt was walkin through the traffic!! steve just looked at him n pointed 'woh tha maadarchot!!!!' and for a brief moment, a second or 2 at most, the guy looked at us and i dont know what had crossed his mind then, he decided to make a run for it!! n he ran for his life!! n dat was enough to ignite chris !! he started chasing him like a mad man behind him baba, steve, tahir every1 jumping over bikes, crashin into side mirrors of cars, people shouting "call the cops", shouting explicits and gettiin mad for crashin into there cars, it was a scene to see, chris followed red tshirt into a hotel ran after him in the lobby, in the kitchen n managed to hit him wid his helmet( yeah he was running wid his helmet in his hand) imagine!! i somehow managed to catch hold of him in the basement of the hotel when i was surrounded by the staff n they were like 'r u his friend?' and i was sayin yes but im here to take him away and somehow we managed to get out of there nothin done to us n u know wat after all the commotion we managed to get home widout a single problem!! ......

*till today we do not know who the red tshirt guy was but his name will go down in history as the guy who got smashed for runnin on the street!! :D* bet he wont do dat ever again.1

i still dun remember the whole thing as to what happened n why the fite broke out but it was one hell of an adventure i tell it really was

ok now i guess ive written quite alot now
the trip though did not end there next ill b talkin abt our trip to malur !!

so stay tuned for that


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Indian premier league

ok so dis is the first edition of shit under the sky!!!!!

first let me say that i have a few thoughts that i would like to share with all u people who have no other work than to sit/stand/sleep n read peoples blogs!!....( please dun close the page after reading that)

ok so since everybody nowadays seems to be talking abt the ipl...ill join the bandwagon too then!...

first thing i would like to say is that i love the concept of ipl..( thats obvious every1 likes it) yeah so do i oh!.. i replied to this bracket guy ( i really dun knw who he is talking abt) ...........ok before u get confused or click on dat red cross in the right hand side corner of the screen. the bracket guy is the critic who sits in my head and judges whatever i write!! well if i cant ignore him then u cant either!!! ( thank you thank you) ok lets brush the bracket guy aside!.....

yeah so abt ipl well...wat i loved the most abt ipl is that every evenin now i have a reason to sit back at home!!!.....i mean yaar! everyday, u get a dose of some awesome timepass!!..... i was actually really confused ( i still am basically in everything) dat whom should i support!...i mean ive lived in mumbai for 4 years the stats say Mumbai Rocks....but i dont know somethin is so wierd abt mumbai indians is that u like them failing more than u like them winning!....and then ill accept the fact that ive been a big fan of shahrukh all my life ( thats because every1 in my family loves n supports him, he partially looks like my elder bro and hez a khan so u know there are reasons) so i supported kolkata but they suck man!!.. i mean ganguly is a fucker!... i hate his attittude he never looks like a team player self self self!!! dats all hez abt!!.............

yeah so now u guys must be as confused as iam !..... yeah i write crap most of the time ( here comes the truth) sure u guys like the bracket guy more than me!....sometimes u know i envy that fucker!!!.....but what the hell the topic is shit under the sky!! its going to be shit!!..

yeah so ipl is nice fun thats somethin every1 knows but what i would love to add is that ipl is going to be so fuking helpful for the Indian cricket team ( another cliched fan of INDIA) yeah i love india and i love the indian cricket team for that matter!!......i mean u generally support a team that wins and loses and is consistently inconsistent ( clever!...u wish) always because u know winning isnt sweet enough if u havent lost!.....and that is why even in the football scene *England* a team that faces more lows than ups is highly supported .....clubs like liverpool have the highest number of fan followers *me included* (me too!!) u mustve understood that how deviated i can get when i write. i started off wid ipl, mumbai, kolkata now im talking abt liverpool!! ( hey dun be a critic ......thats my job).

ok so i was saying the indian team is going to be a crazy side after this ipl.......ive seen some crazy players that i have impressed me so far ( here comes harsha bhogle) *fuck u bracket guy*

asnodkar has been by far the most impressive he seriously reminds one of tendulkar i mean hez short n so is tendlya so its obvious but the guy can bat.....another kickass player is ofcourse yusuf pathan *sort of have a kinship wid dat guy* the guy can smash the ball eh!!
another big guy to watch is m gony.......isnt it funny dat dhoni and goni are in the same team ( i have a wierd sense of humour)

ok so that was wat i liked abt the indian premier league......
ill b back wid wats fucked up wid ipl next time

untill then dis is me ( and me) yeah and the bracket guy sayin.........................

nothin!!...wat do u expect a bye?!???....